Today’s top 15 tech headlines via DailyTekk on Flipboard – 12/9/14

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Tech News

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  1. Intel lost in mobile, so it’s betting on wearables – The Verge
  2. Lamborghini made a $6,000 phone for people with money – Engadget
  3. The death of the password starts today – Popular Science
  4. 5 ways to unclutter your digital life in 2015 – Mashable
  5. Safety advice for using anonymous apps – Forbes


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  1. Sony’s 20th anniversary PS4 – Engadget
  2. Xiaomi’s new air purifier – TechCrunch
  3. Amazon Cloud guru’s new Start Trek communicator-like device – Forbes
  4. Here come the Internet-connected doorbells – Forbes
  5. Wacom Bamboo Stylus Finelne review – Gear Diary


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  1. Dropbox’s carousel app now frees up storage space for you – Engadget
  2. Screeny is the screenshot deleting iPhone app we’ve all been waiting for – The Verge
  3. The 12 best Android apps of 2014 – Mashable
  4. Disk Alarm for Mac review – iMore
  5. Contact manager Humin lands on Android – Gigaom

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