Togethera: private family photo and video sharing done right (review)

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For months I had been searching for an app that would allow me to share thoughts, photos and videos or a more personal nature with close family members. My search started with Path and ended with Togethera. Path, and a number of additional apps I tried, just weren’t private enough and/or didn’t have the feature set I was looking for. Togethera, although very new, hit the mark perfectly (and simply).

So what was that all important feature set I was looking for? It’s a pretty small list actually, but getting these features together in one app is surprisingly difficult to find (probably because most apps that are free are banking on going viral, rather than keeping things locked down). There were my must-haves:

  • Private family sharing.
  • Multiple family groups.
  • Free

There are, of course, other great features, but these were the features that were an absolute must for me.

Why multiple family groups, rather than just one generic family group? You know the answer to that, already, I’m sure. You’re comfortable sharing different things with different family members. Put differently, there are certain things you don’t want to be seen by everyone who shares your last name.

Think about it like this: every family member already has an individual phone number, email address, etc… so why not a separate group on Togethera? When I send cards to family members via snail mail, I send them to an individual address, rather than to every home in the family. My view is that my life is my story and I should be able to tell it the way I want to and I’m grateful Togethera exists to help me do just that.

In a world where you can never get a photo or video back once it’s been released online via email or a less private social network, it’s great to get as much of that control back as possible. Of course anyone can screenshot any image that appears on a phone or desktop screen… after that it’s a matter of trusting that people will respect your wishes. Togethera certainly helps make those wishes clearer by letting people know you’ve shared something with them, rather than the family or wider world at large.

Togethera is an amazing tool for sharing text, photos and videos with grandparents. That’s partially because it’s super simple and partially because it works seamlessly via email if an older person in the family doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet. For instance, a grandparent can get an update and respond via email and that response will be turned into a comment within the app for the rest of the family group member’s to see.

Actually, when we started using this app a grandparent was one of the first to hop on and get involved. I was delighted with just how easy this app is to use for older family members. It lets them be part of the digital lives of their family members that they might otherwise miss out on.

Togethera is basically accessible from any device in one way or another. There is an iOS and Android app, a browser-based interface and of course the email supported comments I mentioned just a minute ago.

I’ve been in contact with the team a few times since I started using the app and they are awesome. They’re very responsive and clearly care about their customers. I’ve never seen a more customer service-centric app (their contact info is literally in the app’s menu). It’s been fun to see the iterations come through as updates are pushed out. They’ve already made so much progress and I can’t wait to see what else they’ve got up their sleeve’s.

Togethera CEO Sokratis Papafloratos tells me the following features have recently been added:

  • Select multiple photos and videos at once and post in one go
  • Create stories and comments when offline and then have them automatically post when you regain connectivity (really important when travelling for example, when you wait until wifi before resuming connectivity)
  • Access content offline
  • Invite family members through your email or SMS, with a single, custom link
  • Shoot video within the app limited to 15 seconds


If you’re looking for a private photo sharing app that lets you segment your family into smaller, more intimate groups, there’s nothing better in this writer’s opinion than Togethera.

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