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Tom Lackner is Chief Technocrat of POP, an easy way to launch your business or idea online with a custom domain name.


We’re intensely focused on stripping away cognitive load and simplifying the sign up process. We literally only ask users for 3 pieces of simple information to fully set up a account. To get to this point required us to step back and examine built-in assumptions, like: Do we really “need” your mailing address to register your domain name? Do we “need” you to verify your email address in order for us to trust you?
 Do we “need” your credit card in advance to give you a free trial of our product?


We have members of the team all over the country, so our morning conference call is an important time to come together to refocus on our goals, review our progress, check on morale, and forge ahead. We keep it short, casual and fun — and use Speek so there are no awful 9 digit PIN codes to enter.


Our sign up process and our customer service takes place via SMS. This makes it even easier for our customers to reach out to us with minor questions and to quickly get convenient responses, without crazy ticketing systems and annoying boilerplate emails.


Relentlessly optimize your pitch. Simplify and remove words. Once you’ve gotten it as simple as you possibly can, you’re just getting started — now rewrite it from the perspective of your customer and the specific problem they’re facing. Think results, not the actions taken to reach those results.

SELL was hatched by the same team behind .CO, which is firmly entrenched as the domain name for startups and innovators. Through those connections, we were able to show POP off to a variety of startup communities, and it was an immediate hit. Once we got some initial users in the system, we closely watched their interactions with our site, and provided preemptive customer service that users found refreshingly direct, honest, and helpful. From there we begged them to invite their friends. 🙂


We had to create a custom DNS server to get our signup times down from 3 minutes per sign up to under a minute. It was a huge leap of faith, and required a ton of work, but we realized that this was the “Signature Moment” of our ...

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