Top WordPress Plugins for 2016

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Every year WordPress comes out with a whole bunch of new plugins that make using the CMS platform a true delight. Some are nothing too special, but others are pure genius and worth discussing in detail. From business websites to personal blogs, whatever your WordPress needs are, there is sure to be a great new plugin to help you make your site perform better and look even more amazing. The plugins below are the ones that we feel should garner special attention for this year.

Optimizing for Speed

If you want to optimize your WordPress site for speed, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. One of the elements that will cause any site to load slowly is large image files. With the WP Smush image optimization plug in, you are able to compress image files and remove any unnecessary information that takes up unnecessary space, all while maintaining the original quality of the image.

Going with the right WordPress blog hosting can also make a significant impact on your site’s loading speed. Some WordPress specific hosting packages, like the ones from 1&1 for example, utilize SSD (Solid State Drive) storage, which load almost twice as fast as a traditional hard drive. Although going with a WordPress specific hosting package isn’t strictly necessary, but certainly comes recommended given this sort of advantage.

Optimizing for Layout and Design

For impressive design elements that are also seamless, efficient, and incredibly easy to implement, the Soliloquy WordPress plugin helps webmasters design a meaningful and engaging viewing experience with considerably little effort. This can add such visual depth to your website and enhance your design and layout presentation and usability.

Along with the design elements, the CSS Hero plugin allows webmasters the ability to easily customize their desired WordPress themes without needing to get bogged down in CSS coding. This makes designing your site to look exactly the way you want it to easier than ever, without the need for compromise.

Optimizing for Performance

To many out there, SEO is still a bit of a foreign concept. We all know what it is in theory, but precisely how to implement it is a different matter. Luckily, there is an incredibly intelligent plugin to help with just that: the Yoast SEO plugin makes complicated SEO a relative breeze. The Yoast plugin manages all your technical optimization needs, and helps you execute an effective keyword strategy, as well as how to write better optimized content for your site in general.

Speaking of optimization, the W3 Total Cache is also an incredibly well designed plugin that optimizes your site’s web performance. This includes increasing the performance of your site’s page speed and elements for user experience as well. This is all accomplished by increasing the server performance of your site, making content and information download times faster.

There are many more excellent new WordPress plugins out there for you to discover. Whether you are intend to get the most from your personal blog, or increase your website performance to push your business to the next level, your WordPress site is in good hands with these user-friendly plugin options.

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