Trending: Google Unveils New Smartphone Named “Pixel”

Google Pixel and Pixel XL: Google’s aiming straight for the iPhone’s heart with their new premium phones dubbed the Pixel and Pixel XL. Among the phone’s features are a battery that charges 7 hours in 15 minutes, the new Google Assistant, the ability to work with Google’s new Daydream VR platform, unlimited photo storage including for 4K videos, Android 7.1, oh: and a headphone jack. This officially marks the end of the Nexus era. Source

Pixel Colors: Google’s new phones come in some interesting colors. You’ll be able to choose from Quite Black, Very Silver or the limited edition Really Blue (which people are either going to really love or really hate). So what’s blacker? Google’s Quite Black or Apple’s Jet Black? Hmm…. Source

Pixel Dongle: Google also announced a dongle — or “quick switch adapter” — aimed at converting iPhone users. This cable will automatically move all your iPhone content — photos, contacts, iMessages — over to Android. Pixel owners won’t miss the shape of the iPhone either since the Pixel’s kind of an exact iPhone replica. Source

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