Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser Review: Simple, Cute, Worth It

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So. You’ve got some fine wrinkles around your eyes and you want to get rid of them. What can you do? You could do nothing. You could buy another expensive cream. You could check in at the nearest plastic surgeon’s office. You could ask your dermatologist. Or, you could do the sensible thing and check out the Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Treatment Laser. This FDA-cleared anti-aging laser costs $249, is meant to be used for 2 minutes per day and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Here’s what DailyTekk’s co-Editor, Shiela, thought about how the device actually worked.

This is a cute, convenient and small-sized device. It just feels like modern technology in the palm of your hand. It’s well designed, simple, useful and overall very likable (and I would know: I’ve tried lots of beauty gadgets). I like the looks of the device a lot. It’s colorful, sophisticated and makes not only a useful, but a fun, addition to any woman’s beauty routine. And when I say it’s simple to use, I mean it: there’s only 1 button to press. Additionally, this is a no-maintainance beauty gadget, which I like.

I like the fact that the device came fully-charged. I was able to get up and running right away and test it out. There are few things more annoying than ordering something you’ve been looking forward to using only to find out you can’t use it until late the next day because it has to charge.

You can feel the results of the Tria eye laser immediately. And by feel I mean a slick pin-prick feeling. It doesn’t really hurt, but it’s noticeable. But that’s how you know it’s doing something and not just shining a light! With the first use, I noticed a bit of redness that faded overnight. The device glows green when on and will turn purple to let you know you’re making the correct amount of contact with the skin.

I like that the treatment only takes 1 minute per eye. This quickness ensures that this laser will stay a part of your evening routine. The last thing any woman wants to to spend more time winding down the day with yet another ritual. So the fact that using this eye laser is pretty fast — coupled with the fact that you know it’s doing something meaningful — makes this device all ...

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