Trinity Delta Hybrid Headphones Review: Changeable Filters for Different Sounds

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When you review a lot of headphones there’s a tendency for them to all begin blending together. After a certain price point headphones are just going to sound good (well, good enough). What tends to separate decent headphones is the design and tuning; how they look and how they handle specific sounds. So it’s great to have something really unique to talk about today in the Trinity Delta Hybrid. These headphones have one exceptionally noteworthy feature you just won’t find from other manufacturers: interchangeable sound filters.

The Trinity Delta Hybrids ship with three physical tuning filters (or pairs, actually) that you can screw in/out to change how music sounds. The idea is that whether you want your tunes to sound as natural as possible, or want to favor bass or treble, there’s a filter for that.

The filters come in a small metal tube and are color coded for reference. Silver = bass. Gunmetal = natural. Purple = treble. Gold = a blend between natural and treble.


Changing the filters themselves is easy enough but you’ll have to wrangle the earphone tips on/off each time you change the filters. I’d say you’re likely to find your favorite tip and filter combination and leave them in place; I doubt many people will want to switch filters very frequently.

The end result produces a very nice sound. In fact, whereas most speakers and headphones I test are with me for a few days or maybe a week before I move on to another pair, the Trinity Delta Hybrids stuck around much longer. In other words, I really liked the fit and sound. But… there is a but, but I’ll save it until the end of the article.

I mentioned the interchangeable tips earlier; there are actually several to choose from both in terms of size and material. There are the classic silicon-style tips and there are also a couple pairs of foam-like tips. In testing I have to say I really, really like the foam tips as they were very comfortable and blocked out more outside noise than the others.

One small detail that turns out to be a very helpful feature is the fact that the headphones have small, but clear, colored labels on them: red for right and blue for left. It means users will fumble around less trying to figure out what goes where and get straight to listening that much quicker.


The Trinity Delta Hybrids do some with a carrying case. It’s got a mesh pocket on the inside but it doesn’t do a very good job of holding any of the accessories. I tried stashing the filter holding tube and some extra earbuds, along with the included jack adapter and cord clip, in the pocket and every time I opened up the case the contents of the pockets had spilled out into the main compartment where the headphones and cord go making it a mess to clean up. Also, I’ve had to be careful that the extra parts don’t fall out and get lost when I open the case.

Another feature I’ve become really fond of is the spring-like material near where the cord plugs into your phone, computer or music player. It’s there to prevent cord fray and it seems to do a really nice job.


And the cord itself, which is covered in a fabric weave, looks nice and is sturdily made. The model I tested also came with a mic and remote (button) which had a nice, solid click to it and was easy to press.

And now to that but I promised earlier… As I was saying I really enjoyed these headphones (past tense); they were my goto headphones for listening to music, taking calls and even video editing. Until… the right headphone came apart. Ironically, as I sat down to type this very review, I picked the Delta Hybrids up to listen to some music while I typed and that’s when I noticed that one headphone had kind of fallen apart. The part of the headphone that the filter screws into had apparently come unglued; the filter, tip, cord and everything else was still intact and tight, but the headphone was hanging in two pieces connected only by the inner wires.


I can’t say I’ve been extra rough on these headphones. I used them around the house for about a week and a half and then took them with me (using the carrying case) on several plane rides. After I got home and unpacked them I used them for a few more days until this morning when they broke.

I’m really disappointed because I was/am really taken with these headphones. Hopefully Trinity can take care of this quality issue quickly because without it I’d rate the Delta Hybrids a 8.8/10. With this issue, though, I’d have to be more cautious and give them a 7.

Can I recommend these headphones? I’m going to say yes because I just enjoyed wearing them so much and I assume the manufacturer will cover any issues like this that happen so quickly (but proceed at your own risk). I love the sound, the fit (and variety of tip options) is good, the metal design is nice too and there are a couple of exceptional features that set these earphones apart from the competition; as long as they last.

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