Radar: Twitter’s Missing Feature (App.net, Smartphone Addiction, and More)

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Here’s what is on my radar today:

Twitter’s Missing Feature

Twitter Favorites

Twitter is awesome. It makes sharing information very easy. Where it still needs improvement is in the consumption of that information. Specifically, I’d like to more easily be able to sift through tweets from friends, family or brands in a segmented way rather than all in one massive feed. The thing is, when I go to Twitter (or access it from an app), I am in different moods. Sometimes I want to find the latest tech articles, sometimes I want commentary, sometimes I am looking for humor. I’m not really a personal Twitter user (meaning I don’t use the site very much to network with friends). I’m more of a power Twitter user. I use it for business, both to find out what is happening in sectors I care about and to promote content for DailyTekk.

I recently got a comment on The Top 100 Twitter Tools of 2012 from someone asking about a better way to dig through their Twitter favorites. I gave them a link to check out, but I do which Twitter would make favorites a little more prominent and accessible as well. Oftentimes I’ll favorite a link that looks interesting that I want to read later or use the favorites as a way to bookmark something. The problem is, Twitter has buried the favorites function a few clicks too many deep and it’s a big ol’ firehouse view when you do get to it. That needs to improve. I’d spend a lot more time on the site if it did.

App.net; Any Good?

Speaking of Twitter… I’ve been hearing a lot about App.net recently. It’s supposed to be an awesome Twitter competitor/alternative. The main difference is that it is a paid service. It costs $50 per year to use the service. Now I know a bunch of tech fanatics out there can’t say enough about how awesome it will be to have a realtime sharing service with no ads or promotions in place calling it a purer, cleaner experience, but… will the masses adopt the service at that price? I kind of doubt it. People are used to paying a couple of bucks at most for a smartphone app these days… it’s not like the old days when software cost a lot more and you picked it up at Best Buy or Office ...

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