u-Jays headphones review: best all-around wired headphones

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If there’s one thing I love it’s finding an amazing new product that nobody’s really heard of yet and that’s exactly what just happened with the u-Jays on-ear headphones from Jays. These are $230 Swedish headphones that have a remote and work with iOS and Android devices as well as any Mac or PC so let’s dive right in.


First up I want to talk about the sound which is both more bright and less washed-out than most other headphones I’ve listened to.

These headphones come very close to being the best sounding headphones I’ve ever listened to, but not quite. I’d say they’re right up there in the 96th percentile though.

They’re actually meant to be able to deliver better sound quality at a lower volume to save your hearing and I have to say that they definitely deliver on that promise as they sound excellent and strikingly powerful even with the volume turned almost all the way down.

But just because they sound good at a low volume doesn’t meant they don’t get loud. I actually wouldn’t even want to listen to these baby’s at full power because they get so loud! How loud? Even though they’re closed-back headphones, you’ll hear some significant sound leakage once you pass 50% volume — that’s how loud! You could set these on your desk and crank them up and use them like a speaker: no joke.

I’d say these headphones have deeply satisfying bass not only because it’s so rich but also because it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the soundscape.

Importantly, there’s no distortion in the frequency response — even at high volumes — thanks to the 40mm drivers which can deliver a kick without overdoing the specs for marketing purposes.

If I had to describe the sound of these headphones in one word it would have to be satisfying.


Out of every pair of headphones I’ve ever laid eyes on, I’m going to go ahead and say these look the absolute best. They’re really minimal and sleek. I love the slim profile because I hate headphones that are oversized and bulky.

I also really love the colors on offer here from Jays which are basically four variations of black, which, gold and silver. I love that there’s nothing wonky or trendy: the design is just pure class.

I also love the matte look of these headphones which also means they aren’t going to be fingerprint magnets.

I also like the slimness of the band which really isn’t padded per se; it’s a stainless steel metal core that is wrapped in silicon and I really prefer the look and feel of this solution to that of a chunky, highly visible, pillowy headband. I think this is some really nice engineering.


When it comes to the u-Jay’s remote, I like how easy the buttons are to press and the fact that they stand out enough to easily locate them with your fingers even if you aren’t looking. The buttons controlled music on my MacBook Air just as well as on my iPhone. I just wish the remote itself was a tad bit smaller so it’ didn’t stand out quite so much.

Ear Cushions

The ear cushions are definitely soft, but they are a bit thin. Unfortunately, there are always tradeoffs when you go for a slim profile and in this case I’d say these headphones could be just a bit more comfortable. Since these headphones don’t sit on your ears as much as clamp on to them, I wish there was just a bit more cushioning.

Comfort and Fit

In fact, the comfort of these headphones is really my only complaint. They are very comfortable for the first 20-30 minutes but I always notice some ear fatigue setting in when I wear them for longer listening sessions. Again, it’s just from the angle of pressure this design creates and I don’t want to harp too much on it because it’s not that big of a deal. I’ll just leave it at this: I noticed a bit of ear fatigue but by no means is this a deal-breaker.

Moving on.

The headband is easy to adjust and the ear cushions fold flat for easy storage. And because they fold flat they are also some of the more comfortable headphones when worn down around the neck.

The last thing to mention in relation to comfort is how light these headphones are at just under 8 oz. Actually they’re so light that it feels pretty incredible.


Everything about these headphones screams high-quality. They have a lot of flex thanks to the steel frame inside and I’m not at all worried about them breaking. They definitely seem built to last. And just to drive that point home, the cord and the ear cushions are both replaceable (which is awesome).

Probably the biggest thing you’ll ever have to worry about with these headphones are getting some minor scratches over time on the plastic covering the earpieces.


I genuinely love listening to music on these headphones but I just wish they were a little less tight on my ears for those longer listening sessions. Even so, I’d say these are maybe the best all-around wired headphones I’ve used and would recommend. That’s because, finally, here’s a company that didn’t just concentrate on sound OR design but actually took both into account and the end result is a truly excellent product that’s kind of in a league of it’s own. In the $200-500 category of headphones I’ve give these a 9.3 out of 10 stars.


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