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Great social media content is constantly slipping through your fingers, leaking through the faulty pipes and infrastructure available to you to soak it all up. Undrip is a great new app that “stops that leaky faucet” and helps you capture the best of what your friends are sharing online. I love using Undrip; it’s now my goto place to check for updates, unseating my old standby Flipboard (which I still love and use everyday). I’m proud to say I saw in the “Updates” tab that I signed up before Brad Feld, Hiten Shah and Robert Scoble. That’s right. So what’s so great about Undrip? Aside from Mister Rogers popping up to tell you to keep your sweater on when new content is loading, content is shown to you based on social context as opposed to topic based. It’s free so get it now!

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