Use VaultPress to Un-Hack and Backup Your WordPress Blog

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If you’re unfamiliar with VaultPress, allow me to introduce you. VaultPress provides WordPress security, backup and support for self-hosted blogs. With VaultPress, you’re content is backed up in realtime and synched across 3 grids (the Automattic grid and at least 2 other cloud services) so there’s no way you’re going to lose any content. You’ll also get backup stats and snapshots as well as security alerts in case an intrusion is detected. The basic plan starts at $15 per month per site.

One amazing feature is the one-click data restore that can get your database back up and running properly with the click of a button. Once the VaultPress plugin is installed, you also get a cool status bar on your dashboard that gives you live messages about what’s happening on your blog at any given time. To me, the VaultPress Concierge Service is by far the best feature as it directly connects you with VaultPress security experts who will directly (hands-on) protect your crucial WordPress data. It’s that excellent Concierge Service I want to talk about now because it went way, way beyond my expectations.

A few months back, a multi-author self-hosted WordPress blog I was involved in creating and writing for got hacked. Thanks to a vulnerability in the TimThumb image re-sizer being utilized by the WooThemes framework the site was built on, hackers pummeled the back end with fake posts and fake users. On the front end, any link from the homepage redirected to a sketchy website. What a mess. It looked as if months of hard work had just been flushed down the drain.

It wasn’t the first time a WordPress site of mine had been hacked. A couple of years earlier I was running a successful design related site that was getting nearly 100,000 page views per month after about a year of solid blogging. Due to what I believe was a Media Temple security lapse, my design blog was hacked and just like that a passion of mine as well as a decent revenue stream dried up. Oh how I wish I knew about VaultPress back then. Thankfully, by the time the second site got hacked I did and here’s where I will start gushing about how amazing the VaultPress service is.

I was astounded at by how far the VaultPress team goes to help a customer. They help customers that aren’t even customers yet! When my second blog got hacked, I contacted VaultPress to see if they could help because of course I didn’t want to pay for something unless I knew it could help me out of my predicament. I was surprised to find that they treated me like I was already a paying customer… patiently and thoughtfully answering my emails (of course, they wouldn’t fix anything unless I signed up).

I have a great working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 and know enough about the WordPress loop to get things working together nicely. Even though I’m a web designer by trade, the Timthumb hack was way over my head (in fact, I had no idea it was a TimThumb issue in the first place). I could tell from talking with the VaultPress team that they knew what they were doing since they radiated confidence and I decided to pull the trigger.

Within 48 hours, the blog had been scrubbed of any malicious code and was back in business. Amazing! Without VaultPress, I would’ve had to hire a WordPress freelancer to get things cleaned up and that would’ve been costly–I’m guessing in the $500-1,500 range. Not cool.

Here’s why I would recommend VaultPress to anyone even remotely interested in starting a blog: They are knowledgable, extremely friendly and will deal with your WordPress problems in a timely manner. It’s a bargain, a steal really, to pay $15 a month for a little piece of mind. It’s like 911 for your blog. Right now, DailyTekk runs on but in the future I may switch it over to a self-hosted setup and if I do, you can bet I’ll immediately add VaultPress protection to my site. Here’s a nice intro video worth checking out:

[wpvideo TxdSIdpO]

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