Useful Startups: Appafolio, The Best iPhone App Creator I Have Ever Seen

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AppafolioThese days there are many different ways to build an iPhone app for people that don’t know how to code (if you’re interested in learning how to code, check out a recent article I wrote called 7 Easy Ways to Learn Coding and Computer Science for Free). Among the entrants are Sweb Apps, CabanaKanchoo and AppBreeder.

While I’m sure these services are decent, Appafolio gets my vote for being the coolest, most intuitive iPhone app creator to date. Why? It’s as simple as uploading your content (photos, videos, etc.). It’s free and creates 100% native apps. Photos and videos get cached for offline viewing and it’s easy to push out updates (add new screens, etc.) without users needing to download anything proactively. One awesome feature? The apparent ability to effectively bypass Apple’s app submission process by piggybacking your app within the Appafolio app–in other words, users download the Appafolio app and enter your unique passphrase to view your app. Just share your passphrase with anyone you want to be able to view your app!

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