Using This Startup Is The Easiest, Safest Way To Get Your House Cleaned

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Helpling is not the cheapest way to get a house or office space cleaned. The cheapest way would be to do it yourself. But realistically, our lives are getting busier every day (hey I need that 30 minutes of phone/Internet/gaming/reading time every night). And so the thought crosses our mind, inevitably, that we could hire someone to clean for us. No, it’s not free, but it is convenient; and it may mean the freedom to do the things you really want to do while still living or working in a clean space—which may not be so possible otherwise.

But hiring someone to clean can be a huge hassle. Where would you start? How do you know you would get someone who would do a good job? What about theft—who can you trust? Who really has time to do all this research in the first place? And so many people who may otherwise like to hire someone to come clean for them doesn’t even get started down that road.

But Helpling gets rid of all the hassle and worry associated with hiring a cleaning person/crew/company. The only way it could be more convenient is if you had GoButler make all the arrangements for you (but seriously, that’s not necessary).

At it’s core, Helpling is an online platform that connects people with experienced and insured home cleaners. Interviewing cleaners, harmonizing schedules and dealing with cash payments are all gone. For a flat rate of $25/hr (which includes tax), you can book a cleaner—and feel good about it. It’s literally as easy as visiting, entering a location, choosing a preferred date/time and making a payment. Done.

“In every major city there are literally hundreds of cleaning companies and thousands of independent home cleaners hoping to clean your home,” says Blake Connoy, a Managing Director at Helpling. “But how do you find a good one for a good price? Helpling takes care of the hard work for you; we have personally met and gotten to know every one of our cleaning partners during the two interviews, cleaning test, criminal background check, 2-reference checks, and orientation session we conduct.”

That’s pretty thorough. In fact, Helpling typically connects with 50-70 home cleaners before finding one person they think meets their expectations for quality. Then Helpling makes those select few available to be booked quickly and easily via the website.

After every job is completed, customers rate the punctuality, friendliness and cleaning quality of their home cleaner. The average cleaner rating, based on hundreds of customer reviews, is currently, 4.76 out of 5. “This is extremely significant as it validates the rigorousness of our interview and selection process,” Blake says.

If there is one thing that seems to stick out to Helpling’s customers, it is the flexibility of the booking system, according to Blake. While the system requires 36-hours’ notice to schedule a booking, if you give the Customer Care team a call they will try to get one of their cleaning partners to your home tomorrow. Additionally, Helping is more than happy to adjust the booking duration before, during or after a job is complete.

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