Vaiden Triton and Heliosphere Review: The Ultimate Workout Clothes?

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When I wake up early in the morning to run as the sun rises I want my resolve to be fit and healthy to rise as well. For years runners, and athletes of all sorts, have known that better equipment leads to better results. And as technology continues to seep into athletic and fitness products, I’m excited about discovering and testing the best new gadgets available to me that can help me be more awesome.

That’s why I rock an Apple Watch (the best smartwatch on the planet, including for fitness), don JBL Synchros Reflect-I in-ear headphones (the best workout headphones for under $60) and sport the Brooks Launch 2 running shoes (seen by many runners as the best jogging shoe around).

As you can see I’m always on the lookout for new technology that can make running more enjoyable or can help me perform at my peak. And for the last two weeks I’ve been testing two new garments which will become permanent pieces of my stash of running gear/gadgets: the Vaiden Triton long-sleeved shirt and Heliosphere light jacket.

Let’s talk about the technology that is packed into these clothes.

The most interesting technology found in Vaiden products is the Astronaut Head Management system which makes used of Thermocules to store and release heat at optimal times. So lets say you’re working out and it’s hot: the Thermocules will keep you cooler. When your workout ends, the Thermocules will release that heat that was stored during your workout back to you in order to keep you warm (or at your optimal temperature) at just the right time.

I found that the Thermocules did work as described. But, while I certainly stayed cooler during my runs while wearing the Triton, the heating wasn’t released back to me right on cue when I stopped running and sat down. It seemed to take 5-10 minutes to really kick in, which makes sense given your body actually needs to start cooling down in order for the material to “realize” it needs to stop absorbing heat and start releasing it.

Athletes stink. It’s a rule. When you sweat you smell — and so does whatever you happen to be wearing. That’s where Vaiden’s Silver Ion Technology comes in; it helps to kill bad odors (and odor generating bacteria). And ya, it works. I could wear the Triton for several days at a time before ...

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