Vhoto: a must-have photo/video app for more spontaneous moments

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I recently had one of those ever-rarer experiences of seeing an app in the app store and having to try it immediately. In this case it was an awesome new photo/video app called Vhoto. When I first realized there was an app that lets you “take pictures” from videos I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s brilliant.”

In a way, Vhoto acts similar to the burst mode found on many DSLR cameras. Burst mode is a way to capture many pictures in a short amount of time (like 5 pics per second), usually by holding down the shutter button. When you’re done you’ve got a range of photos that are all pretty similar from which you can pick the very best moment to save. Shooting in burst mode is perfect for high-speed action like sports games. In it’s own way, Vhoto turns your phone’s video camera mode into a type of burst mode because it allows you to extract that perfect shot from within a video, edit it and share it.

If you asked me why Vhoto was worth your time (in the midst of a crowded app store category), it’d be a toss-up between capturing more authentic and spontaneous moments and taking more video.

Vhoto captures more authentic and spontaneous moments.

The spontaneity happens because people don’t have to pose for a photo when using Vhoto and as a result you’re more likely to catch them in their element being themselves. To make sure this was the case I did an experiment. I told a person I was taking a photo of them but took a video instead, using Vhoto. As a result I was able to uncover a “real” smile that that person normally wouldn’t make (on purpose) while mugging for the camera.

Awhile back I realized I wasn’t taking enough video of my life. But I could see Vhoto helping with that. I think there are many times when I choose to take a photo over a video because I want to get the moment “just right.” If I’m only going to see or experience something only once, I want to remember it in the best possible light, so I choose to take a photo since it’s quicker and easier. With Vhoto I can easily kill two birds with one stone.

Beyond the obvious, Vhoto has some cool “under the hood” features. For one it can learn what users like and don’t like the more they use it in order to pull moments out of videos users are more inclined to like. To save time there are also a few built-in editing capabilities—like filters—which means you may have to open one less app before you photo can hit Instagram.

I’d call this app a must-have for any iOS user’s “photography” folder.

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