Video: Logitech MX Master Mouse Review (In 4K)

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The MX Master mouse from Logitech is a wireless mouse that’s made for power users. People who hate limits and like to customize.

I’m going to start off with my personal favorite feature of this mouse: it’s darkfield laser tracking. In English this means the mouse works on just about any surface — even glass. That’s a feat a lot of mice can’t claim and a feature that makes this mouse super versatile.

Aside from standard left and right buttons, the MX Master has several additional buttons. The main vertical scroll wheel is clickable, there are two buttons on the side next two a secondary horizontal scroll wheel and an extra button that rests under the thumb that doesn’t look like a button at all. There’s also a small button on top that lets you toggle whether or not the vertical scroll wheel clicks or runs silently. And with Logitech Options software installed you can fully customize what each button does.

The top scroll wheel is incredibly smooth and makes scrolling through long websites or documents incredibly easy. The side scroll wheel on the other hand almost has a bit too much friction which is kind of a pain. The side buttons are a good idea implanted a bit poorly: the uppermost side button is so small it takes a lot of searching to find without looking making it almost unusable. The button on the thumb rest is nice, though, and comes pre-mapped on a Mac to launch Mission Control which is great because Magic Mouse users used to swiping up with three fingers are going to appreciate that.

In terms of comfort I’d say this mouse if fairly comfortable although it probably could fit my hand a bit better. Either my thumb is where it should be and my fingers aren’t quite happy or vice versa. Still, it’s very usable and people who prefer a lot to grip onto will definitely be happy. The buttons on top of very smooth and the sides and palm rest are a bit grippy.

From certain angles the design of this mouse reminds me of a space ship from a movie like Independence Day which is pretty cool. The color scheme isn’t my favorite but I can see where Logitech is coming from as they’ve aimed this mouse at the business crowd.

Since this is a wireless mouse you’d expect excellent battery life and the MX Master delivers in that department. It runs off of a recharchable battery that can operate for an entire day on just 4 minutes worth of charging. Even more impressive, though, is the fact that it can work for approximately 40 days on a full charge. When it comes to the battery, your biggest problem will probably be just remembering where you put the USB cord when it’s time to charge it up.

As I Mac user coming from a Magic Mouse experience, the MX Master took some getting used to. I immediately missed the touch capabilities like swiping left or right or up and down and I also miss the simplicity of the Apple mouse. In the end, I’ll probably end up ditching the MX Master and switching back.

So would I recommend it? The answer is yes for people who do a lot of multitasking or maybe for creative types who thrive on having shortcuts for repetitive tasks. I’d also recommend this mouse if you want to get rid of your mouse pad as it works so well on a variety of smooth surfaces. For $99 though I’d say it’s overkill for everyday light computing.

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