Video: Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone Screen Protector Review

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Have you ever cracked your iPhone screen before? I have. It’s not pleasant. Depending on when it happens, you may not have a warranty — and even if you do trading it in for a replacement iPhone is not fun either. And perhaps what is worse in many ways is just scratching your screen. It’s hard to concentrate with a hairline streak across your screen (or many streaks). But I’ve found a really, really great iPhone screen protector. Definitely one of the best (the best?). See for yourself in the video above.

Video transcript: Now you might be thinking to yourself a screen protector is a screen protector right? Wrong. So many screen protectors are a pain to install and don’t look good when they’re on.

This screen protector from Moshi is the opposite. It’s the easiest screen protector I’ve ever installed by far and, and this is big, it doesn’t get any annoying bubbles. I’m going to say that one more time because it’s so awesome: zero bubbles.

Plus it’s super super thin. Moshi claims it’s up to 40% thinner than generic glass screen protectors.

It’s also worth noting that this protector goes edge to edge so the front of your phone is completely protected.

Now Moshi claims this thing is shockproof and scratch proof thanks to the automatically strength and ion glass.

For every day use this screen protector is definitely, absolutely, 100% scratch proof. I took my keys to the screen and they didn’t make a dent. No sweat. Even a razor blade with slight pressure didn’t phase it.

But I’m a tech blogger and you know I had to put it through more of a hard core test than that and that meant the hammer test.

Surprisingly as I peeled the screen protector off at splintered so this thing is not meant for on and off use. It’s more like set it and forget it.

So even though the box has a picture of a hammer hitting the screen next to the words shockproof I was able to do some significantly damage to the protector. But let’s be honest that never happens in real life situation and when it comes down to it I’d much rather have the screen protector take a beating in place of my phone screen. When it really comes down to it nothing is indestructible if you try hard enough like us tech reviewers love to do.

So the bottom line is this the edge to edge protection the bubble prove application and the scratch proof surface make this screen protector an excellent buy.

And while there are other options on the market the fact that this install so cleanly makes me want to recommend this to everyone I see.

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