Video Revolution: 100+ Ways to Watch and Create TV, Film and Web Video

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Right now our culture is in the middle of a huge video revolution. The lines between content creators and consumers are quickly blurring. People are becoming less dependent on their cable and satellite subscriptions and more dependent on web content (you’ve heard the buzz words like cord cutting and TV everywhere). At the same time, armed with iPhones and iPads, consumers are beginning to get serious about shooting, editing and sharing their own movies. Small businesses are getting in on the act as are countless nonprofit organizations. Increasingly, TV and video consumption is getting social. People want to share what they are watching with their friends and see what videos their friends have discovered.

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This week’s post is a bit interesting because it’s going to appeal to a wide variety of people: professional and amateur video producers, people who are looking for great places to watch quality online video, brands and marketers wanting to better engage their audiences and people who want to ditch their cable service or simply get more out of it.

Pssst: If you’re an iPhone user you’re about to discover a treasure trove of cool video tools including apps and hardware. You’re life will never be the same!

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Social TV

  1. Zeebox – Your TV sidekick. It’s social, clever and fun.
  2. Tunerfish – Socialize around the TV shows and movies you love.
  3. Miso – Social TV platform that makes watching TV more fun.
  4. GetGlue – Check-in to TV, movies. Discover new favorites.
  5. SnappyTV – Share clips of live TV on Twitter and Facebook.
  6. SceneChat – Adds a social toolbar to embedded videos on your website.
  7. – Interact, consume, socialize and share while watching TV.
  8. TVplus – Interactive TV, actor bios, program guide and more.
  9. ConnecTV – Welcome to social TV. Share the moment.
  10. Viggle – Watch TV, get rewards.

Cord Cutting + Cable Enhancements

TV Hardware

  1. Peel (app + remote) – Discover personalized TV.
  2. Boxee – The one box your TV needs.
  3. Roku – Huge selection of streaming entertainment.
  4. Apple TV – HD iTunes content + Airplay on your HDTV.
  5. Google TV – More entertainment for your TV with more arriving all the time.
  6. Channel Master TV – Over the air HD DVR solutions.
  7. NeoTV – From Netgear. Turn your TV into a smart TV.
  8. Logitech Harnomy Link – Turn your smartphone/tablet into a remote control.
  9. – A DVR for a connected TV world.
  10. Slingbox – What your TV anywhere.

Video Services

  1. Amazon Instant Video – New movies, last night’s TV shows available to stream.
  2. Netflix – Watch thousands of movies and TV episodes.
  3. Hulu – Watch TV and movies online (free or premium versions).
  4. CinemaNow – Rent and buy movies online (BestBuy).
  5. blinkbox – Watch movies online and TV shows for free.
  6. Vudu – Video on demand (Walmart).
  7. Crackle – Movie + TV shows + original web series.
  8. AnyPlay – Watch live TV on your iPad or Xoom (from Comcast).
  9. HBO GO – It’s HBO, anywhere.

Discover and Watch Online Video

  1. Redux – Hundreds of channels of entertaining, hand-picked video.
  2. Prescreen – Discover one new movie each day. Stream live on-demand.
  3. Blip – Discover the best in original web series.
  4. Revision3 – High quality, original internet TV (tech themed).
  5. – The best online video from Facebook, Youtube and more.
  6. Mixin – Watch and share great videos your friends dig up.
  7. Dailymotion – Watch, publish and share videos.
  8. VHX – A beautiful and fun way to watch videos.
  9. Movieclips – Search, find, view, discuss and share movie clips.
  10. Anyclip – Watch any moment from any film.
  11. Veoh – Watch movies online for free.
  12. LOVEFiLM – Watch movies and TV series instantly.
  13. Editors Room – The new video you need now.
  14. Metacafe – Free video clips for your enjoyment.
  15. Blinkx – Video search engine.
  16. Viki – Best of world TV, movies (with subtitles).
  17. Griddeo – Your video channels, your network.
  18. Switchcam – Watch entire concerts online from multiple angles.

iPhone Video Apps

  1. Klip – Share mobile video with friends.
  2. 8mm – Create old-fashioned vintage movies in real-time.
  3. Qik – Record and share video live from your mobile phone.
  4. Tout – 15 second video status updates.
  5. Video Edit – Fast video editing for iPhone/iPad.
  6. Frames – Create time-lapse and stop-motion movies.
  7. Gnzo – Upload and share short video clips.
  8. Video Clips – License stock footage on iPad/iPhone (iMovie ready).
  9. Recood – Record your special moment.

iPhone Video Hardware Accessories

  1. The Love Box – Records “front” and “back” views in a single split-screen image.
  2. Swivl – Personal cameraman (motorized stand) with wireless mic.
  3. Kogeto Dot – Shoot 360° panoramic video from the palm of your hand.
  4. Owle – Turn your iPhone into a hand-held video rig.
  5. Camera Table Dolly – Affordable dolly for pro-style video panning.

Watch Video on Your iPhone & iPad

  1. Deja – Share and discover videos (iPad).
  2. Squrl – Videos you’re interested in plus what’s hot right now (iPad).
  3. Shoutz – Discover the next level of video interaction (iPhone).
  4. Showyou – All the videos your friends share in one place (iPhone + iPad).
  5. Tweek – Your personalized TV guide with direct access to watch content (iPad).
  6. Vodio – Your video experience redefined (iPad).
  7. Matcha – Find, follow and watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Video Creation / Production / Editing

  1. Stroome – Mix it. Mash it out collaboratively or alone.
  2. WeVideo – Collaborative online video editing in the cloud.
  3. Magisto – An automatic online video editor.
  4. Animoto – Video slideshow maker with music.
  5. YouTube Video Editor – Stabilize, add transitions, add music, combine clips.
  6. Game Your Video – Stop editing your videos and start gaming them (iPhone).
  7. Clipik – You shoot, we edit.
  8. wireWAX – Add motion tracking hotspots to people and objects in video.
  9. SpeakerText – Fast and affordable video transcription service.
  10. Takeoff – Simple review, approval, and collaboration for video.
  11. Videolicious – iPhone app for creating great looking videos instantly.
  12. Stupeflix – Mix photos, videos and music to create stunning videos in seconds.
  13. upLynk – Encode once for many devices.

Live Video Streaming

  1. USTREAM – Free live video streaming and online broadcasting.
  2. Color – Broadcast live from your phone or Facebook.
  3. – Streaming live video broadcasts for everyone.
  4. Socialcam – Record and share videos with filters, cloud storage (iPhone).
  5. Livestream – Discover and stream live events.
  6. LiveShell – Easy high-quality broadcasting without a PC (hardware).
  7. Watchitoo – Embed your live event so thousands can watch.
  8. Stickam – Live stream video chat.
  9. blogTV – Live streaming broadcast platform.

Video Publishing & Hosting

Personal Video Hosting

  1. Youtube – Broadcast yourself.
  2. Vimeo – Video sharing for you.
  3. Flickr Video – Upload videos just like you do photos.
  4. Givit – Easy private video sharing and hosting (Personal).
  5. Sparkeo – Sell videos online. Hosting + player + in video payments.
  6. Twitvid – Easily share videos on Twitter (Personal).
  7. – Get your videos online, earn ad revenue (Personal).
  8. Kadoo – Your private video cloud.

Enterprise Video Publishing

  1. Viddler – Powerful, easy-to-use video platform for businesses.
  2. Brightcove – Powering video on tens of thousands of websites (Enterprise).
  3. 23 Video – Enterprise videosites. Non-complicated pricing model.
  4. Vidyard – Business video hosting and analytics.
  5. Ooyala – Video technology, analytics and monetization (Enterprise).
  6. Get Vively – Private-label video publishing platform.
  7. VidCaster – Video platform and video site builder.
  8. SproutVideo – Video hosting and streaming for businesses.
  9. Kaltura – Video solutions that drive business objectives.
  10. Medizza – Video CDN.

Video Tools for Bloggers

  1. VideofyMe – Video blogging has never been easier.
  2. Redlasso – Bloggers can share high-quality, licensed video content online.
  3. VideoStep – Search and embed premium online videos.
  4. Camtasia – Dynamic screen recorder (screencasting).
  5. Hipcast – Publish video podcasts from the cloud.
  6. Uvidy – Your channel, office, venue, store.

How-To Video Sites

  1. Videojug – Get good at life. How-tos, expert advice, tutorials.
  2. 5min – Life videopedia.
  3. Howcast – Empowers people with engaging, useful how-to information.
  4. Khan Academy – Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free.
  5. MonkeySee – Free instructional videos.
  6. MindBites – 1000’s of how-to videos plus the ability to sell your own.

Enterprise Video Solutions, Monetization, Marketing

  1. FlixMaster – Makes it drag-and-drop easy to build interactive videos.
  2. Rovi – Monetize connected offerings (advertising).
  3. Magnify – Enterprise solution for curating and aggregating video.
  4. 140fire – Streaming and static video user engagement.
  5. VMIX – Attract viewers and grow revenue.
  6. Common Craft – Useful, ready-made videos for training and more.
  7. Visible Measures – Measure online video advertising, content, audiences.
  8. Eyeview – Personalized video advertising.
  9. BrightRoll – Online video advertising services.
  10. Yokto – Video platform with custom player designs and more.
  11. Veenome – Turning videos into machine readable data.
  12. TubeMogul – Video advertising built for branding.
  13. Innovid – Innovations in online video advertising.
  14. VideoGenie – User generated video content for social media marketing.
  15. Tremor Video – Massive marketing reach and proven engagement.
  16. Brainient – Interactive video advertising.
  17. YuMe – Video ad network and platform.

Stay on Top of the Video Revolution

  1. NewTeeVee (GigaOm) – Everything video.
  2. Lost Remote – A website dedicated to social TV.
  3. – The root of the media revolution.

Other and Miscellaneous

  1. Snipreel – Some YouTube videos are too long. Share just the highlights.
  2. Leanin – Making video social again.
  3. VooMote Zapper – Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote.
  4. VYou – Record and share your life and knowledge.
  5. – Social TV platform for media companies. Used by BBC.
  6. ShortForm – Be heard. Be a VJ.
  7. Qwilt – The first unified, transparent caching solution (for carriers).
  8. Drama Fever – Watch popular Korean dramas for free.
  9. Shakr – Create and share a video within 60 seconds.
  10. WorldTV – Empowers anyone anywhere to become a media mogul.
  11. Youtoo – Social TV.

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