Video: The 20 Best Instagram Accounts of 2015

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Transcript: Hey it’s Chris from DailyTekk. Earlier this year we made a list of The 150 Best Instagram Accounts of 2015. Here’s our top 20 from that list. Apologies in advance if I butcher anybody’s name…

Alex Strohl

At #1 it’s Alex Strohl: If it’s not enough that Alex’s locations are absolutely insane, the magical composition and editing will help solidify this account as one of your favorites.

Kyle Kuiper

At #2 it’s Kyle Kuiper: If you’re sick of the same old perspectives, give Kyle a try. The top down shots are a really exciting break from the usual.

Renan Ozturk

At #3 it’s Renan Ozturk: Know any other photographers who climb mountains with actors like Jared Leto? Ya me neither. Renan’s account is fueled by pure adrenaline.

Jimmy Chin

At #4 it’s Jimmy Chin: From mountain tops to palm trees and all points in-between, Jimmy’s Instagram style is like the very definition of adventure.

National Geographic Travel

At #5 it’s National Geographic Travel: How can you not be inspired by many of the world’s best photographers posting to the same incredible account?


At #6 it’s Airbnb: Lots of brands get Instagram wrong but Airbnb gets it right. See for yourself what it’s like to stay in some of the world’s coolest places.

Humans of New York

At #7 it’s Humans of New York: Possibly the most human account on Instagram, who wouldn’t love meeting New York’s citizens one by one?


At #8 it’s Nike: While you might be expecting to see hundreds of photos of shoes, what you’ll actually find are pictures of people pushing themselves to the absolute limit.


At #9 it’s Happsters: Normally I feel like accounts that post quotes are just littering Instagram with unnecessary clutter. But for Happsters happy quotes I’ll make a rare exception.

Garrett Cornelison

At #10 it’s Garrett Cornelison: If hipster and funky describe your style, Garret Cornelison’s account might really kind of amaze you.

Dan Rubin

At #11 it’s Dan Rubin: The cool thing about Dan’s account is the wide variety of subjects from portraits to landscapes to architecture to artistic shots.

Hiroaki Fukuda

At #12 it’s Hiroaki Fukuda: Hiroaki is an urban explorer. From the streets of Tokyo to the alleys of Paris, his unique shots will add some fresh perspectives to your feed.

Simone Bramante

At #13 it’s Simone Bramante: Above and beyond photos that ...

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