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If you’re a Christian, you might (unfortunately) be used to some pretty horrendous and outrageously awful “apps”. But there are pockets of really awesome, thoughtful creativity within the faith and thankfully there are 3 particular apps worth mentioning that take Christian app design and usability to a whole new level. If you’re looking for the best Christian apps (or, put differently, the least embarrassing, most user-friendly Christian apps), you’re in the right place.

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s up guys it’s Chris from DailyTekk and today I’m checking out the best Bible apps.

Now some of you are thinking, “Wait, there are Christian apps that don’t suck?” and I don’t blame you. But the answer is yes, there are a couple really good ones out there.

And by good I mean something that looks really good, works really good and isn’t bloated or hard to navigate and something with innovative features.


If Apple made a Bible app, it would look like NueBible: a Bible app that actually looks good. Insanely good. It’s the product of two talented designers — one from Twitter and one from Yahoo — getting together to make something that mattered to them: a Bible app with “considered design.”

The typography and colors are beautiful (and adjustable) and the interface is super-easy to navigate. Unlike most other Bible apps, it’s clean and uncluttered and does it’s best to get out of the way and just let you read.

Aside from an awesome interface, some of the best features include double-tapping to search, smart highlights that auto-group based on time, reading reminders and, of course, the ability to personalize your Bible experience.


Echo is a simple prayer app that, like NeuBible, has a sophisticated, high-quality design feel.

There are two main functions within the app: adding stuff to your prayer list and praying.

And while you don’t need an app to pray, there is one really cool feature I think a lot of people are going to love which is the ability to keep track of answered prayers.

In today’s crazy world, I’m guessing plenty of people will also enjoy the ability to create prayer reminders too.

So if you’re looking for a more structured environment to make sure you don’t forget anything you want to be praying about definitely give Echo a glance.

Bible for Kids from YouVersion

If you’ve got kids, you’re both going to love this Bible app for little tykes. It’s a great way to teach your kids about favorite Bible stories in a really interactive environment that encourages tapping and swiping and getting involved.

What makes this app awesome is the production quality. The illustrations are really nice, the music is great and the voices of the characters, which are musical instruments, are really fun and add a lot of character to the app.

There are tons of awesome stories already loaded up into the app with plenty more on the way. Along the way you’ll find some questions your kids can answer and they can also collect Bible items they find as they read through stories.

Wrap Up

So thanks for watching today. Feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested in some great new Bible apps and don’t forget to subscribe so we can hang out again tomorrow.

Until then… see ya next time.

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