Video: Xvida StickyCase Magnetic iPhone Case Review

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If you haven’t used a magnetic iPhone case before, you don’t know what you’re missing. The StickyCase for iPhone from Xvida (and the magnetic accessory that can attach to any smartphone) is perhaps the best way to stick your phone exactly where you want it — whether that is on a desktop dock, your car dash or even on the fridge.

Video transcript: Xvida makes a magnetic mount for iPhone six in an adapter that will fit any other phone including the iPhone 6 Plus.

Why? Because sticking your phone to a stand or any other service magnetically is very fast. In terms of convenience it’s about as friction free as you can get.

Before we get to the main attraction let’s talk about the case itself. As a case the protection is pretty basic and along the lines of what you would get with any fairly thin rubber coated case. While it’s good for preventing scratches and keeping your phone screen from hitting anything when it’s laying face down, don’t expect any miracles from a high impact drop.

Using the adapter on your naked phone isn’t going to provide any protection but I don’t really see any reason why you couldn’t stick the adapter to your favorite case although it might add just a little bit of awkwardness to your set up.

Now in terms of looks the black-and-white case options are nice but somewhat boring and the gold version really isn’t my favorite. I definitely wish there were more and better color options to choose from.

So how does the main feature of these cases work? It works really well and exactly like you expect. In fact it’s so good I wish Apple would build this into the next iPhone natively.

The magnetic seal formed between all Xvida products is very strong. Once my phone was connected to a tripod mount even shaking it wasn’t enough to knock it free.

Since were talking about magnetism here there are plenty of other things you can stick these products to other than the official accessories — and some of them might even come in really handy. For instance I was able to stick my phone to the side of my car and to the front of my fridge.

A quick note about the adapter: it’s very, very sticky so you’re going to want to think twice about what you stick it on. I had to use a screwdriver to pry it off the back of my naked iPhone 6 Plus although I was able to do so without moving any of the finish.

If you’re looking for what might be the most convenient way to mount your iPhone or even an iPad this magnetic system from Xvida is really great. The only real downside is that you aren’t just buying a case or an adapter — you really need to buy all of the accessories to make it worth your while.

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