Vizify Partners With Twitter to Launch Your Year on Twitter

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Twitter launched a new feature this morning called Year on Twitter along with Vizify, the service that gives you an infographic social resume which we included in our Top 100 Twitter Tools of 2012. I asked Vizify’s Todd Silverstein to answer a few questions regarding this new partnership.

What is Year on Twitter and how specifically does Vizify integrate/support this new feature?

Year on Twitter lets discover the moments and people who made 2012 on Twitter so unique, from top trends to Golden Tweets (most retweeted tweets). Your Year on Twitter powered by Vizify is an instant interactive infographic that shows tweeters their own 2012 tweeting trends, Golden Tweet, and more It’s a fun and easy way to reflect and and look back at the the words and topics that made the most impact on you this year. Here’s our Chief Security Officer’s Year.

Who will find this useful and why?

Your Year on Twitter is a visual snapshot of your tweets in 2012. We’re constantly tweeting day in-and-out in real time. Your Year on Twitter is a great way to step back from that day-to-day and see the bigger picture and patterns that marked your 2012. You can see key words and phrases enter your timeline, grow, re-appear and change. And you can read the associated tweets based on date or word. Also, If your tweets only go back to October 2012, it may mean you’re a tweetaholic! And, if your visualization is a little sparse, perhaps your New Year’s resolution should be to tweet more frequently!

How did this development take shape? Whats the backstory as to how this partnership developed?

Twitter’s been one of the services we’ve admired and supported from day 1. In fact, they were the most requested service to support when we were originally exploring the concept for Vizify. And we were also early adopters of their Twitter cards (which attaches an image of your Vizify bio to your tweets). While planning 2012’s Year on Twitter, their team (especially James & Rachael) were exploring a whole bunch of interesting ways to make the year experience more personal for Twitter users. I believe one of their interns, an early adopter of Vizify pointed us out to them. From there, we began talking, and realized that there was a really nice complementarity between their mission & our own and that it made sense to partner on this.

What implications does this development have? How will it change/shape the way Twitter is used?

I can’t really speak for Twitter’s side of things, but on our end, this has been a chance to expose some of our vision for personal visualization to a really savvy and diverse global audience. We’ve been extremely encouraged by the response. We genuinely believe that visualization done well is not only a really interesting path to personal insight and reflection, but that it can be a truly effective method for communicating your story to people curious about you.

Any hints as to what other exciting developments might be in the near future for Vizify?

We like surprising people with what’s coming next, so I don’t want to get too specific. But a few are things you can probably guess at (support for new services, and all-new visualizations of other types of data). We’re also working on a fun project at the moment that we think will help people publish really interesting content about themselves. Finally, we love networks/network graphs and have always wanted to do something with those….

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