Wally Bifold wallet review: slim yet convenient

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To be honest I really don’t like wallets. I hate the space they take up in my pockets. If I could, I’d make them disappear. Since I can’t do that I have been on a search for the best slim wallet I can find. This search recently led me to the Wally Bifold from Distil Union ($59.99).

In the recent past I have been using a card sleeve wallet that was very thin, yes, but somewhat inconvenient in that it simply couldn’t hold very much. The Wally Bifold is a wallet meant stay slim without being inconvenient and I have to say it does a really nice job.

The Wally Bifold opens like a traditional wallet (hence the bifold) and has a metal clip to hold your cash in the middle flanked by two card sleeves on either side.

I find that having two card sleeves is actually more convenient than the one I had been using prior to this because it allows for some organization. Before, when I simply had one sleeve to store everything in, I had my credit cards, driver’s license, health insurance cards—everything—stuffed in there. It was a mess and a pain and not really worth the slimming I achieved.

With the dual card sleeve design, Wally allows me to separate my payment options from my personal info and that’s very convenient.

In essence, I’m storing the same amount of cards in Wally as I was in the single card sleeve wallet, but that doesn’t mean it’s just as thin. Wally’s got a slightly wider footprint but I’d definitely say the convenience it provides is well worth the tiny bit of extra bulk.

Wally’s money clip works well and is better than having to fold your cash and stuff it into a small pocket where you can’t tell what’s inside.

In terms of design, Wally is pretty straightforward, and kinda plain, which I actually like. I’m a big fan of simplicity and minimalism. The black model I tested out looks sharp with it’s red accents.

Each of Wally’s card sleeves features a pull-tab to help you quickly access your cards. In a stroke of genius the team at Distil Union colored one tab red and one tab black so you can easily grab the cards you are after.

If you’re looking for a slim wallet that allows for a bit of organization and has a touch of understated sophistication you can’t go wrong with Wally.

As soon as you open the box the Wally Bifold comes in, you see this quote: “The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” Very true. Thank you Wally Bifold for helping me slim my wallet.

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