We’re Giving Away 10 Free ManageFlitter Accounts – Comment to Win!

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ManageFlitter is a service that lets you clean up and manage your followers, see who unfollows you, use analytics to better understand your efforts on Twitter and more. TechCrunch calls it a must-use. If you’re a Twitterholic or Twitter power-user than this is your lucky day! We’re giving away 10 free accounts to the first 10 people who comment below telling us why they want a free ManageFlitter account. It’s that easy. By the way, make sure to enter your email in our comment form (it won’t be shared publicly) so we can contact the winners! See what you get for reading DailyTekk!?! Ready… Set… Go…

There are 12 comments. Comment?

  • I want to win because i would like to be able to get rid of all the spam accounts that follow and tweet me quicker

  • I think that this would be a great way to help expand my brand and my #TeamTeaRon campaign. To promote True Self Expression and originality in art is my thing and anything that will help me better manage my social networking is a plus!!

  • Quote: “I want to win because i would like to be able to get rid of all the spam accounts that follow and tweet me quicker”

  • I’ve used the “Free” version of ManageFlitter to streamline my Twitter community for better conversation and engagement. Would love to try out the “Paid” version for enhanced filtering and identifying key influencers in the social community.

  • I want to win because this will help make my company rock stars with Tweeting!!!

  • I guess I’m the 9th. I really want to get a free Pro ManageFlitter account because I want to share my knowledge which I have learned about a lot of stuff. The truth behind Illuminati, tips on gaming, love advice, amazing new facts about the world, etc. All my friends say they’re amazed how I know all these stuff. And I want to share them with everyone else. 🙂

  • I guess I’m late but if there’re still available I would like to try the pro account

  • Sounds like this tool could be a Twitterrific cause and effect barometer for my tweets – would love to try it!

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