WeTransfer: the Best Way to Transfer Big Files Just Got Better

The best way to send large files online has been WeTransfer for a long time. That’s my opinion, of course, but my reasoning is simple. No, literally… simple. Simplicity is always good and WeTransfer is the definition of a simple app. And for that — and more — I love it. 

Recently WeTransfer launched a redesigned version of the service. It got even simpler. Like always you can add a file, add a friend, add a message and hit send. And with the ability to send files up to 2 GB for free you might wonder what else there is to talk about… 

But the Plus version of WeTransfer — for peeps who need to send files up to 20 GB in size — is what I’m really excited about. 

Aside from the simplicity the thing I’ve always loved about WeTransfer is the fact the aesthetic. The background is prominent and the company gives Plus users the ability to customize it. That means branding. Or art. Or both. 

For me — a video producer and writer — the need to send large files all over the world is real. Collab videos are a beast to produce sometimes; especially when you’re sending a receiving a bunch of 4K footage. But WeTransfer has made that process a breeze. 

Especially with the addition of some upgraded mobile apps which let you easily select and send photos and videos to your friends or colleagues (up to 10 GB). 

If you can’t tell I love WeTransfer. And I think you will too if you don’t already. Definitely give it a try and see for yourself.