What Burning Tech Questions Do You Have?

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Today marks the launch of an exciting new weekly feature: the DailyTekk Think Tank. Each week a group of panelists from a wide variety of techie backgrounds will be answering a burning tech question. To see what I’m talking about first hand, check out the first installment which aims to tackle: Is Apple’s Magic Officially Gone?

The purpose of this think tank is to answer epic tech questions. We want to tackle the biggest, toughest, hardest questions that just demand an answer that nobody else has been able to (or willing) to answer as of yet. We want to investigate, support, tear down, squash, build-up  and cause you to rethink your stance but we can’t do that without your questions. After you scroll down to meet the team leave us your questions in the form of a comment on this post.

Meet the Think Tank

In reverse alphabetical order here is the current lineup of Think Tank panelists. It’s quite an impressive bunch and they all bring a unique background to each question asked of them. You’re going to get a lot smarter by simply reading this feature every week!

  • Ann Tran (@anntran_is a key influencer across multiple social media platforms, an avid travel enthusiast and lover of anything involving technology.
  • Jon Stein (@jonstein) is the founder and CEO of Betterment and is passionate about helping people make smart decisions with their money.
  • Matt Mills (@mattmills), Global Head of Partnerships and Innovation Aurasma.
  • Ryan Merkley (@ryanmerkley) is Chief Operating Officer at Mozilla, where he recently launched the Webmaker initiative, helping users of the web become makers of the web.
  • Chris McConnell (@dailytekk) is the Founder and Editor of DailyTekk. 
  • Noland Hoshino (@nolandhoshino), Co-Founder and Do-Good Enforcer Bcause Media.
  • Mike Fridgen (@mfridgen) is the President & CEO of Decide.com, the shopping service that utilizes big data to help shoppers know what to buy and when to buy it.
  • Annisa Farese (LinkedIn), Manager Marketing Communications xAd.

What Questions Do You Have?

Do you have a burning tech question you desperately want an answer to? It can be anything tech related but it must be epic. We’re out to start a conversation, to make a dent in the blogosphere. Leave us a comment now!

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  • I have an idea but no cap to go forward, is there a company who I could speak with that would let a confidentiality agreement be made to see if they could take a percentage if this idea goes forward into production. This would have to have a patten search also, but would like to discuss and go over this idea first! Is this worth going to a company that makes similar products and could traverse over to this idea quite easily!! Thank you for your time and hopefully imput!!

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