what3words: An Alternative to Zipcodes

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Are you ready for an interesting alternative to the postal code system? Personally, I love it when someone rethinks an idea that has been around for decades upon decades. what3words has mapped every 3m x 3m square in the world with 3 words from the dictionary, providing each square with a unique, memorable 3 word address. Make sure to snoop around your local area to see how the service works.

There are some funny word combinations. “Our algorithm ranks mousy.barriers.resected as the worst word combination in the world and consequently places it deep in the Antarctic,” says Chris Sheldrick, one of the co-founders. He goes on to tell us how this unique service came into being, “I organised music for events for 10 years, I eventually got so bored of musicians getting lost trying to find our venues and calling me up getting lost (not their fault as most venues don’t even have street numbers), that I wanted to build a system that I could just use to help the musicians. It then spiraled into a business when I realized that we could map the whole world in 3 metre squares with just 3 unique words per square.”

I asked Chris what kind of feedback he has been getting so far. “My favorite is a tweet from a Russian user called Alexander: ‘Saw your interview today. I am your customer now. Wish you to take over the world ;)'”

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