When is the Right Time to Join a Hot New (or Crusty Old) Social Network?

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I think that there’s a general consensus among people that after a social network takes off there is a set amount of time where it makes sense to join otherwise you might as well forget it. Does that describe you?

With a few glaring exceptions (MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, etc.), my thought is that it’s never too late to join and benefit from a social network. That goes for businesses and individuals alike. This is an opinion I’ve formed from first-hand experience.

I’ve got several thousand Twitter followers. I didn’t join Twitter on day one. I’ve only started seriously getting into Flipboard (i.e. flipping stories into magazines) just a few months ago and I just passed 1,300 followers (but Flipboard’s been around for years). I’ve even got a “secret” Instagram account I started earlier this year that is about to reach 1,000 followers (it’s not even part of my business and it’s not tied to my person; it’s just a hobby profile for posting cool nature pics). In each of these cases I was super “late” to the game. In the coming years I expect these numbers to grow FAST.

Actually, over the years, I’ve started several different Instagram accounts for DailyTekk. And deleted them. Only to want to fire them up again. The current iteration is at least the 3rd version of an “official” DailyTekk Instagram account. And it’s growing, slowly but surely.

And that’s the thing. It’s easier to get noticed the newer a social network is (the earlier you become an early adopter). The later you join, the tougher it is because there’s a lot more competition.

Instagram wasn’t always so popular. Snapchat, when it began, looked and functioned nothing like the Snapchat you can use today: it’s no longer about hooking up but is trying to become a real media company. Users who got in early benefitted from the fact that there were simply less people to possibly follow back and a smaller pool meant greater chances of non-famous people being found.

But nobody wants to join a social network when it’s small. What’s the point? And there are hundreds of new social apps coming out each year: to find one you want to invest significant time in and choosing the right one that will blow up eventually is like winning the lotto.

And here’s my big point: it’s never too late to get started. Look at the number of followers I pointed out a few paragraphs ago. Persistence pays off in social media. If you aren’t on Twitter, or Instagram, or Snapchat, or YouTube, or YikYak, or YO or the next big thing yet and you want to be: then be.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last year it’s that getting started and being persistent is all that really matters. Like anything online, getting noticed on social media organically is a snowball. You’ve got to be in it for the long term. If you’re not a celebrity or big brand at the moment, your momentum will start small but if you stick with it, it WILL grow. And it will grow faster and faster as time goes on.

When I started blogging back in 2012, many people were already discounting blogging as a “has been.” Today, after sticking with it and remaining consistent in my content creation, DailyTekk reaches nearly a million views monthly. If you’re willing to put in the time, don’t wait: get started building up your social following TODAY.

Oh, and one other thing: don’t do what everyone else is doing. Be original: otherwise your content is just camouflaged.

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  • I liked the point that says “it is never late to join a network”. It is important to identify a social network that will help to make impact on the users and can add value to marketing and sales goal. Join the network and connect to target audience. Use attractive content or meaningful images to attract connections and encourage them to be interactive. Have an aggressive promotional plan and keep your page updated with fresh content.

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