Whipclip Is The Legal, Easy Way To Share TV Clips With Friends

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GIFs are all the rage right now—and for good reason. They are easy to share and they can nail a mood or get a point across nicely. But sometimes GIFs are crappy—okay, most of the time. If it was easier to share real video clips from favorite TV shows, I’m sure most people would. Happily, that day has arrived in the form of Whipclip.

Periscoping/Meerkating your favorite TV show is the WRONG way to share it with your friends. Using Whipclip, on the other hand, is much, much better (and, how you say, legal). Whipclip offers a better way to share TV and music videos. It’s a free mobile app where—for the first time—users can legally create their own high-quality video clips (through Whipclip’s collaborations with leading TV networks and music companies) and share them in real-time on the app via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, email and SMS.

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At it’s core, Whipclip is about sharing—but that also makes it about discovery. If you’re interested in what your friends are watching and listening to, this could be a great way to find new content to consume.

Today, the average American watches 4.5 hours of TV per day; that accounts for 96% of their viewing time. 70% of users are online on a second screen while watching TV and they send 100 million tweets about TV each month (and growing). Consumers are watching a lot of TV, and they’re using social media to talk about it. But until now, they couldn’t really describe the moment by including the actual video.

Dan Brian, Whipclip’s COO, describes the search functionality within Whipclip:

We’ve been blown away seeing our users searching for TV and music in the app. With Whipclip, users can search for specific moments within past TV episodes and music videos in an intuitive way. Our search tool indexes all closed captioning, music lyrics, song and artist names, etc. and allows users to enter keywords and immediately access the exact moment where those words were broadcasted as far back as they have been recorded. As a result, we’re working on great new features related to search and discovery of TV and music.

For last month’s launch, Whipclip partnered with Comedy Central and Justin Bieber so viewers could clip their favorite moments from the “Comedy Central Roast of ...

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