Why Do Verizon Wireless Employees Act Like Incompetent Jerks?

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Did you know that Verizon Wireless hires incompetent jerks? They do. Why do I say this? I just encountered three of them. I know, if I only encountered 3, then how can I label all Verizon Wireless employees as incompetent jerks? Because the employees I encountered are the face of the company. When I think of Verizon, I think of them. From this moment forward, until proven otherwise, Verizon Wireless employees are incompetent jerks.

As you know, I’m a big believer in holding large corporations accountable. Otherwise, they’ll continue on not caring about their inconsequential little customers and assuming that everyone has a Klout score of 0. In this case, I’m a Verizon customer, so you’d think they might want to actually be nice to me. Oh ya, and my Klout score isn’t 0. I’m thinking about getting a t-shirt printed that says something like, “Smile, you’re going to be front-page news on DailyTekk.com!” Verizon needs to learn a thing or two from Zappos and start delivering some happiness.

Let’s start with a guy named Dennis. He works at the Verizon Wireless store at 8430 West Cross Drive, Littleton, CO. Apparently, he’s a greeter and manager (according to his name tag). When I walked in the store to ask whether or not someone there could help me get the photos off of an old Verizon phone and an old Sprint phone, he very quickly and indifferently said no. It wasn’t even a friendly no. Just no. I said, “That’s interesting because I just got off the phone with a Verizon customer service employee who told me I could go into any Verizon Wireless store and they could transfer my old photos from these very phones onto my iPhone. Are you telling me you can’t?” He said that there was no way for anyone to recover my old photos unless I reactivated my old phones. No thanks.

Frustrated, I left the store and called customer service back to see where the mixup had been. A different employee told me that I actually couldn’t get the photos transferred at the store without reactivating the phone but that they could sell me a USB cord that would let me transfer the photos using my own computer. I asked the customer service employee to remain on the line and explain what she had just told me to Dennis in the store. When I reentered the store, Dennis first tried to ignore me but when I got his attention he begrudgingly agreed to talk to the customer service rep. After some disgruntled discussion, he rudely handed my phone back and again tried to ignore me. I asked if he had any other ideas on how I could recover my old photos. He said no. I asked if Best Buy could help. He said no. I asked if there was anything he could do. He said no.

Luckily, I did go to Best Buy and am glad I did. Talk about customer service! I explained to a friendly employee in the phone section what I was hoping to accomplish and he said no sweat. Within 7 minutes, my photos had been transferred to my iPhone. For free. Are you kidding me?! Best Buy, I hope you never go under because you do customer service right. While I was waiting for my files to transfer, the employee held a friendly conversation with me and showed me some of the other cool tech that was laying around. It’s a good thing I didn’t listen to any of the three Verizon Wireless employees I encountered today. My photos would have been lost forever!

So why are the Verizon employees incompetent jerks? Well, they’d have to be incompetent to not know how to get my photos transferred (obviously Best Buy could do it) and they weren’t friendly… at all. Not even slightly (except for one guy who was just walking into the building ahead of me who held the door for me, but I didn’t deal with him inside).

I expect Verizon will see this on Twitter and tell me how sorry they are to try to save face (or maybe not given their current track record). I don’t care. What I want is a good experience (even when people don’t know I’m a tech blogger) with friendly and knowledgable employees. That’s what I really care about. Verizon is supposed to be on my side. I’m their customer. This is hugely disappointing. I need to do some research into which wireless company has the best customer service (now that they pretty much all carry the phone I want).

To be fair, I’m sure some people have decent experiences at Verizon Wireless and subpar experiences at Best Buy. But guess what… timing is everything. Hats off to you today Best Buy!

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  • Verizon can transfer your photos via the same machine best buy uses. The difference is best buy reps do not work on commission. Verizon employees do. They probably feel they don’t have time to wait an hr in most cases to transfer pictures. By doing that they can miss sales in turn not making the money they need to survive. Blame it on Verizon’s pay structure but I assure you these employees knew what they were doing.

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