Why I Love Flipboard (And What I Read On It)

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Flipboard is one of my favorite iPad and iPhone apps. It’s one of the very few that I use on an almost daily basis (Evernote is another). It’s not new, in fact it has been around since July 2010, and there are plenty of other apps that offer similar functionality, but Flipboard has a few things going for it that make it my goto “social magazine.” For one, it was the first app in the space that I can remember so I got attached to it. I also love the design and user experience. It’s still unmatched. Other apps have sliders and colors and categories… but Flipboard is simple. It just works. Finally, the thing I really love about Flipboard is that the team finds amazing content sources with which to load the app with. I’ve discovered multiple sites that I would never have known about without the help of the Flipboard staff.

So, what’s on my Flipboard account? A bunch of tech sites? Nope. I prefer to separate my work from leisure time. I only have one tech site on my Flipboard because I get enough of that during the day! Here, in order, is my current Flipboard lineup which I think anyone could adopt and love (especially if you want to broaden your horizons or see “what else” is out there beyond your industry). Note: my Flipboard changes all the time, but here’s where it’s at right now. I like to wipe it clean and start over every now and then to see what else I can find. What’s on your Flipboard? Leave me a comment to make some recommendations.

  • TwistedSifter
  • Architizer
  • Dribbble/Popular
  • Uncrate
  • TechCrunch
  • Flipboard Picks
  • Cool
  • Architecture
  • Fast Co. Design
  • Photojournalism
  • CNN Breaking News
  • A Blog About History
  • Hot on StumbleUpon
  • Colossal


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