Why I Skipped The New MacBook and Bought An 11” MacBook Air

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How closely were you paying attention to Apple’s most recent announcement in which it talked about the upcoming Apple Watch and unveiled a brand new laptop: the MacBook? I was one of those people tuning in via their Apple TV. And while I initially tuned in to glean as much new Watch info as I could, I was really, really excited about the new MacBook.

A thinner, lighter Apple laptop with a better screen, new touchpad and keyboard that comes in a few new colors? Sign me up! Or so I thought. I’d been planning on buying a new Apple laptop for several months, so the timing of this announcement was literally perfect; it fell a week or so before I was planning to make an actual purchase.

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But the new MacBook was missing something I wanted—and I’m not talking about ports. It was missing something small that was a big deal to me: an 11-inch model.

About two years ago I saw an 11-inch MacBook Air a friend was carrying around and at that moment all other laptops were ruined for me. Today, my brand new 11-inch MacBook Air arrived via FedEx and here I am a few hours later typing my first article on it. And I LOVE it. It’s amazing. It’s exactly what I thought it would be. And here’s what I love about it.

It’s small—duh. The bulk of the work I do on my Mac is writing, be it an article or HTML/CSS or an email. But I don’t like to write at my desk all the time. Sometimes I write at a coffee shop, or in bed or on a plane. I wanted something small enough to be convenient wherever I used it. That is the 11” MacBook Air.

But, I can just imagine a reader thinking, don’t tablets make compelling alternatives to laptops? Aren’t laptops old and out-of-date now in 2015? Well… no.

I have owned a number of iPads, and, being a technology blogger, I have owned just about every amazing keyboard and stand accessory out there. For typing things, as I do, it’s just not the same on a tablet. Like when I’m on a plane or in the airport, for instance; a laptop that is actually attached to the screen is easy to use when I have to type on my legs.

What about a touchscreen? I don’t need one on my laptop—just on my iPhone. I prefer a pristine typing/viewing environment with a few fingerprints and smudges and possible.

But I’m not just a writer. I do a fair bit of designing as well. And when it comes to designing, the more screen real estate the better. Well wait a second… why, then, did I get the tiniest MacBook Apple makes? Because I have hooked it up to a 27” Apple external display (two, actually, counting the old iMac I daisy-chained).

Simply put, the 11” MacBook Air is supremely versatile. It’s small, but thanks to an external display, it can be as big as the biggest iMac when I need it to be.

It’s true, I do feel a bit of regret having skipped (at least for now) the latest, greatest MacBook. I do wonder about how the new keyboard and touchpad work—are they really that much better? I’m sure they are awesome. I just didn’t need them enough to make me NOT want a smaller model. And for everything that the new MacBook does have that my souped-up MacBook Air does not, it’s Core M processor is actually a bit less powerful.

If you’re in a similar boat as I am—a person who mostly writes and does a fair bit of traveling—it might just be worth considering the 11” MacBook Air over the brand new Gold and Space Gray MacBook. Man, I love mine.

11” might seem too small for some people, but when paired with an external monitor and an iPhone… it’s really just right. I think it’s one of those things where if you could see another person using it you’d be convinced—like I was. Maybe this post is the next best thing.

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