Why I’m Disappointed by the “New iPad” 3 (Plus a Graphic Predicting the iPad 4, 5)

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Am I the only one that’s disappointed by the new iPad (aka iPad 3)??? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have one, but… it’s not different enough that I can justify upgrading from my iPad 2 (either for myself or for those in my office). The new features feel minimal, almost trivial. If I didn’t have an iPad already, sure, I’d be delighted with the new iPad… but it’s so weird that for the first time since Steve Jobs re-took over as Apple’s CEO I don’t feel compelled to buy the latest, greatest Apple product. It used to be that I almost felt incomplete without the newest Mac, iPod, iPhone, or more recently iPad but I just don’t get that feeling with this latest product launch.

If the next version of the iPad isn’t visually different in some way I’m going to be pretty upset. If the actual iPad product pipeline looks anything like the graphic I created below, Apple may be in trouble (click for a larger view).

Meet the new iPad, same as the old iPad (please feel free to use as long as you link back).

Sure, the rumor mill really put the new iPad up on an unrealistic pedestal, but still, I found myself wanting that one more thing… I miss Steve… While I definitely think Tim is great for Apple (and the right guy for the job) I can’t help second guessing whether or not I’m going to be as dazzled by Apple products of the future. I don’t want existing products to simply be maintained or upgraded. I want new, razzle-dazzle, drool-inducing awesomeness. If the Apple of today can’t produce that with a yearly product launch, perhaps they need to extend their release cycle. I’d much rather have quality improvements over small things here and there.

I think what bugs me most about the new iPad is that it looks and feels identical to the iPad 2. I expected, longed-for, really, a bezel-free front or a product half-as-thin as the last iteration. Perhaps Apple needs to expand the product line… I’d pay more for a crazy-cool iPad that had some serious advances — at least some advances that made the product feel different. It could be like the difference between the old iBooks and MacBooks.

I noticed that the post-Steve Apple.com iPad product page has a little more whiz-bang to it, which ...

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