Why Live Photos on the New iPhone 6s Aren’t Gimmicky

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I’ve seen a lot of sad chatter around the Web calling Apple’s new Live Photos feature, which debuted with the latest iPhones (the 6s and 6s Plus), a gimmick. I strongly disagree.

I think tech reviewers that hate on Live Photos fall into two categories: those that don’t get it and those that want to generate click bait headlines.

Let me be totally clear here: I LOVE Live Photos. They bring otherwise static moments and memories to life by providing context and sound and I genuinely can’t get enough.

But the real benefit from Live Photos will come many years down the road. Sure, you might not care much about a Live Photo from last week. It’s just a photo that can move. But what about in 30 or 40 years when that picture of your baby, or college roommate or wedding or trip can bring that moment back to life? Ya… Live Photos will make the future SO much better by reanimating our past.

Well couldn’t you just shoot a movie? Ya, but that takes more time and conscious effort. Live Photo just happen. They’re quicker and easier. There’s less friction.

And for all the nonsense floating around out there about Live Photos taking up more space, well, they take up LESS space than movies… and you can turn them off anytime you want. Plus, iCloud storage gets cheaper and cheaper.

Live Photos on my new iPhone 6s is definitely one of my favorite new features. Yep, as far as I’m concerned Samsung retains it’s crown as the reigning king of gimmicks.

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