Why Print Posters Are Still Relevant (and Awesome) in the Digital Age

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Allow me to revert to my background as a designer for a moment. Before I started DailyTekk, I ran a popular design blog (which got hacked). In it’s heyday it was getting 150,000 unique visitors per month. I wrote about design techniques, freelancing best practices, design inspiration and much more. I loved it because I loved design and even though I haven’t done as much designing lately, I realized that I still love good design. So, for a change of pace around here, let’s talk design for a moment.

Design, of course, covers many different disciplines from web design to architecture to interior design. When it comes to graphic design, though, where I have most of my experience, one of my all-time favorite projects to work on is the poster. I’ve even designed one for DailyTekk (it was a social media infographic detailing the 6 essential building blocks of an effective social media campaign).

Even is this digital age full of unbelievable technologies, I believe that printed posters are going to continue to play a big role in our everyday lives. Think about it: many offices and school campuses have dedicated space on walls for hanging up posters to keep people informed of events. Every blockbuster movie still launches with a poster designed to drum up attention and interest. What concert would be complete without an amazing poster design blanketing towns where a tour is soon to strike? What young person wants to have boring blank walls…? None!

Even in a world of apps and tablets, posters remain popular. There are plenty of apps and services that meld new technologies and trends with the beloved poster. Phoster, for example, offers a user-friendly way to create stylish posters in a variety of formats. Prinstagram lets you create a poster out of your favorite Instagram photos. Thanks to the internet, poster printing is easier and more affordable than ever.

It’s the size of the poster, compared to other print mediums, that makes it so valuable, so likable. It can convey a lot of information and emotion. It’s a vital part of spreading the word about certain activities.

Sure, more and more buildings now feature televisions (some nice, some not) which can display announcements. Some even feature iPads. Even so, the images that flash across the screen don’t hold as much intrinsic value. Even if you mount a nice display at ...

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