Why WordPress Is The Best CMS For DailyTekk (And Your Website Too)

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What is the best CMS (content management system)? There are so many to choose from, it’s kind of ridiculous. Choice is great, and competition brings prices down, but holy cow: choosing the right CMS to successfully power your website can be daunting, maybe even paralyzing.

Today I’m hoping to make your decision easier by explaining why WordPress is my favorite CMS.

DailyTekk Is Powered By WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress for a long time now. It powers DailyTekk and always has. When I first registered DailyTekk, it was at WordPress.com (in other words, it was the hosted version of WordPress). These days, DailyTekk runs on the self-hosted version of WordPress.

WordPress Is Simple And Easy To Use

I think the thing that drew me to WordPress in the first place was that it was well-known. What I mean by that is that if a lot of people are using something, there’s a good chance that it’s easy to use. If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t put up with it. So my thinking went.

When I first signed up for WordPress, I was right. WordPress was, and is, very easy to use.

If you’re a web designer and know a bit of PHP, you’ll have no trouble coding up a spectacular template. The only thing holding you back will be your imagination.

If you’re non-technical, don’t worry. There are plenty of amazing themes to choose from—many are free, but I’d recommend buying a “premium” theme. That way you’ll get some support and probably a more robust feature-set.

WordPress Puts Content Creation First

Originally built for blogging, WordPress puts content creation front-and-center. Even if you’re not a blogger, this is a very good thing. If you’ve ever heard of content marketing, or using content to attract new customers, there’s really no better way to do so then with a blog.

Newsletters, by contrast, can be effective, but they can’t be indexed by Google—bye bye search engine traffic. They also aren’t the best for social sharing.

I also want to mention that while blogging has changed a lot over the years, most of the content that people consume online comes from a blog. Think about it: the New York Times is essentially a blog. Anything you read in your Flipboard probably comes from a blog or some sort. While the majority of people may not be bloggers, there’s a good chance that they do ...

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