Why You Need a Dash Cam for Your Car and the 3 Best Options

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Over the span of my lifetime I’ve been in a few car accidents (just as a passenger, actually) and have witnessed many more that I wish I hadn’t. When I was a kid I was riding in the back seat of my parents car while when it was rear-ended out of nowhere on the interstate of all places. Another time I was in the back seat of a car when it hit a semi trailer — luckily nobody was severely injured. A dash cam would have provided evidence in these instances as to who was at fault — good information to have when it’s time to talk to the insurance company. But there are actually several other good reasons to have a dash cam in your car.

I’ve been on several trips where I wish I had a recording of something I saw on the road: the Weinermobile, a double rainbow, a scenic drive through the mountains while the Aspen trees are blazing red and yellow. How cool would it be to be able to share those moments with friends and family or just to remember them as they really happened years down the road? Fond memories and laughable moments are great — but catching “bad guys” might be even better.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a bad driver do something that made me furious: cut me off, cut someone else off, flicked something out the window that whooshed into my windshield, litterers (I hate litterers)… and cops. Don’t get me wrong — law enforcement is necessary and there are some good officers out there doing their jobs the right way — but I hate when I see a cop breaking the law and then I get pulled over for something far stupider. I see cops driving bad all the time. I’d love to record it. Better yet, I’d love to have evidence that I didn’t do something they said I did (thank you GPS information and visual proof). As much as I love vindication (or the elusive dream of vindication), I also love cool tech upgrades…

Like smart driving assist features. Usually the best tech features come to luxury cars first and then trickle down over the years to “normal” cars for the middle class. Some dash cams can bring some of those smart driving features to your current ride for a very reasonable price. ...

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