Will the New BlackBerry Z10 Be a Hit or a Flop?

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Does the BlackBerry z10 signal a comeback for RIM? Are consumers going to get excited about this new phone that signals RIM’s attempt to recapture lost marketshare from Android and iOS? Can BlackBerry dominate the next generation of enterprise mobile computing? Or, as many suspect, will the z10 flub rather unspectacularly as an also-ran that nobody remembers? What do you think, would you buy one over an Android or iPhone? Here’s the Think Tank’s take to help you make up your mind.

The CrackBerry May Be Cracked Beyond Repair

kimIs the “CrackBerry” brand cracked beyond repair? I’m leaning toward yes, but I can’t say for sure. Only time will tell. However, I do know that BlackBerry needs a lot more than a quick (and unimaginative) company name change to stay relevant in the smartphone game. (And forget about competing in the tablet arena while you’re behind, BlackBerry. Everyone knows the PlayBook did not play nice. What a disaster!)

I think it’s a case of too little too late for BlackBerry. Even with some 75,000 apps up for grabs in BlackBerry World, two newborn smartphones, and a brand new operating system, it’s highly unlikely that BlackBerry will catch up with the giants Google and Apple any time soon — or perhaps ever.

With the exception of Paris HiltonLindsay Lohan and Madonna apparently, consumers fell out of love with BlackBerry a couple of years ago. It was hard not to develop a wandering eye as our culture’s iPhone, iPad, and Android obsession burned hotter than ever.

Still, there just might be enough corporate IT managers and other loyalists in the business marketplace who favor BlackBerry for its renowned enterprise software and security to keep BlackBerry’s weak pulse slowly thudding onward for now.

I don’t know about you, but it would take much more than an overhauled operating system (BlackBerry 10) — that was embarrassingly late to the party time and again — to lure me away from my iPhone, and it’s just a plain old iPhone 4 with a cracked screen to boot. And you can forget about converting my 12-year-old Android user, BlackBerry. He says only “old people” use BlackBerrys. Ouch!

Worse yet, says my tween, BlackBerry’s app store doesn’t even have YouTube. The horror of it all! “I mean, who doesn’t have YouTube, mom?!” Oh, and you can add Netflix and Hulu to the list of apps that ...

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