Would You Buy a Google Chromebook?

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samsung-chromebook-frontviewSince their launch in 2011, Chromebooks have slowly been gaining steam. Lenovo just thew their hat into the Chrome OS arena along with Acer and Samsung with a Chromebook designed for education. Starting at $199, Chromebooks do one thing: launch Chrome and connect to the web. In a world of tablets and smartphones, do Chromebooks matter–at all–in your opinion? Would you buy one/recommend buying one? What do you like or dislike about the idea of a Chromebook? Will businesses get on board? Consumers? What do you think Google is trying to accomplish with the Chromebook? Are Chromebooks (and Chrome OS) an important challenger to Microsoft and Apple? Here’s the Think Tank to give you their opinion:

No, But It’s Perfect for the Google Universe

martyAs of now, I would not buy a Google Chromebook. This is not to say everyone should not buy a one. For most people, the Chromebook is a perfect device since 95 percent of the time the only app most people use is a browser to access the Internet and; for those who primarily live in the Google universe, this is the perfect portable device.

As for me, I’m firmly entrenched in the Apple ecosystem so a Chromebook really would not be a good choice for me. I also work with and edit photography and video so my computers needs are more than just a browser. Along with a 27 inch iMac, the MacBook Air is my notebook computer of choice.

I believe the Chromebook is a transitional device. As tablets and other tablet like device (like smartphones) gain more power and usability, these are the devices that will continue to gain traction. It’s ultimately about portability, versatility and connectivity. A tablet is portable in that you can tuck it under your arm (or in your pocket in the case of the iPad Mini and other 7 inch models,) versatile in that you can use peripherals such as keyboards to add specialized functionality when needed and connected in that most tablet devices have 3G and LTE data connectivity built-in and all have wifi so you can be online from anywhere.

So to answer the question: Would I buy a Google Chromebook? My answer is no but I suspect for most average people who have data needs that are mostly satisfied through a web browser, the answer is a resounding YES!

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