Wow: the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector Can Help You Avoid Speeding Tickets

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Nobody likes getting a ticket — especially one that could have been avoided. It wasn’t long ago that I got pulled over for speeding, but I was blown away when the officer told me what I had been pulled over for. I had no idea I was speeding, but guess what? The speed limit had changed ever so slightly without me realizing it. And keep in mind that a best guess from the National Motorist Association is that a third of all speeding tickets are issued in error! I told myself that day I’d never let that happen again, but the thing was, that situation is really hard to avoid completely… unless you’ve got a gadget like the Escort 360.

Lets face it: there are now more ways than ever before to get a ticket. It’s not just radar and laser guns. Red light cameras, air patrols and photo radar all seem to be proliferating quickly. Put bluntly, we’re being surrounded by technology that can, and likely will, cost us significant amounts of money — even if we think we are following the law. Maybe it’s time to “fight fire with fire” by using some powerful technology of your own to help you stay on the right side of the law.


Interestingly, many people believe that radar detectors are illegal. I’d heard that too. But in reality they are perfectly legal in every US state except for Washington D.C. and Virginia! And, like me until recently, many people assumed that radar detectors were a bit passe — old technology that hadn’t kept up with the times. But this is another misconception. Not only have radar detectors like Escort’s Max 360 kept current, but they’ve gotten far more powerful in recent years. What do I mean?

Well the Max 360 provides 360 degrees of long-range protection and it’s incredibly precise thanks to it’s dual antenna setup for front and rear detection. It has 4 arrows that will notify you which direction a threat is coming from. But one of my favorite features is the GPS-supported AutoLearn technology that intelligently rejects signals you don’t actually need to worry about (based on signal frequently as well as location). In fact, all of this power isn’t just talk: Escort offers a “Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee” which covers both radar and laser speeding tickets (when purchased factory direct), so you know they stand behind this product’s capabilities.


Now at $649.95 the Max 360 isn’t exactly cheap, but it can absolutely pay for itself over time. For instance, if you are able to avoid being one of the 41 million drivers ticketed per year and the associated $150 average fine which, in turn, would help you avoid the average associated insurance rate hike which can add up to $900 over 3 years, you’ll have saved some money. But there’s an emotional cost to getting ticketed as well. Personally, I’d gladly pay a company like Escort to avoid feeling bummed out about a ticket later on. The thought makes me genuinely happy.

Everything about the Escort Max 360 looks and feels top-of-the-line; I can’t imagine buying from cheesy looking competitors (like Valentine One, for instance, whose site looks like it came from the beginning of the Internet).

I’ll be receiving an Escort Max 360 radar detector soon and I can’t wait to tell you more about how it actually works in the real world. So be on the lookout for that review in the coming weeks!

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