WOW WOW WOW! Nearly Tripled My Productivity — Can it Help You Focus Too?

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Right now I’m a little over a minute into my first session. is a startup that offers sounds that claim to dramatically improve focus, relaxation and sleep. I’m giving it a try at 7:11 pm after just finishing up dinner and watching an episode of The Goldbergs on Hulu. It was a very busy day — something came up this morning which altered my usual morning routine of typing three articles (a list, a review and a news item). Because my morning was thrown off, so was my afternoon (where I like to work on a video or maybe a sponsored article if there’s one in the pipeline). That’s because my morning schedule shifted entirely into the afternoon and my afternoon schedule shifted into… oblivion. So here I am banging away at the keyboard tonight playing catchup on the third article of the day: the news item. And it just so happens that that news item is — a service that claims almost magical powers of helping you concentrate better (i.e. helps you be more productive). Just what I could use right now. gives you the option to listen 7 times before requiring that you signup and start paying. Fair enough. I went ahead and started a focus session: an electronic music focus session, to be exact. It’s a 30 minute track that’s just kind of ambient. There’s no heavy beat. There’s what seems like a propeller whirring back and forth in stereo and some soft strings and… I’m not really sure what all else. But it doesn’t sound bad. It’s definitely not distracting (like listening to music can be). In fact, as of late, I’ve taken to listening to music sung in other languages while I work so I can’t really follow along (and thus get distracted). It’s been interesting, but this seems better already.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.27.07 PM

Do I feel more productive? I’m about 10 minutes into the track and I’ve written a little over 300 words so far. Not bad. It’s been 10 minutes of solid, steady typing. I haven’t had any major brain farts or gotten distracted. I do seem to be pretty focused and in the zone. But still I’m wondering how much of that is a placebo effect; me just wanting this to work because it would be amazing and incredibly useful if it wasn’t a gimmick. But the website does say it ...

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