You Have A Smartphone—Should You Also Carry A “Real” Flashlight?

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There’s something to be said for the gadgets of yesteryear. They aren’t “smart” like our phones; instead, they’re “dedicated.” And there are times when dedicated IS smart. A good example is the handy dandy flashlight. You’ve got one on your phone—sort of—in the form of the camera flash that can be turned on for an extended period of time. That’s great in a pinch, but we all know it’s not ideal.

It’s awkward holding a big phablet up while plodding around in a dark area. And sometimes it’s just not convenient; for instance, trying to see the ports on a computer buried beneath a desk—a phone just might not fit where you need it to (or it might obscure your view). A dedicated, small, sturdy flashlight, on the other hand, might be just perfect for the job. That’s the premise behind Everyday Carry’s Why Carrying A Flashlight Is A Bright Idea—it’s well worth a read.


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